std.uuid is ready for review

Johannes Pfau nospam at
Thu Feb 2 13:26:48 PST 2012


std.uuid is ready to be reviewed. As far as I know there's nothing
being reviewed right now, so we could start the review as soon as 
a review manager has been found.

About std.uuid (copied from the module documentation):
This is a port of boost.uuid from the boost project with some minor
additions and API changes for a more D-like API. A UUID, or Universally
unique identifier, is intended to uniquely identify information in a
distributed environment without significant central coordination. It
can be used to tag objects with very short lifetimes, or to reliably
identify very persistent objects across a network. UUIDs have many
applications. [...]


Note: The code and documentation for shaUUID has already been written,
but until phobos has support for SHA1, that can't be included. The code
is currently commented out in the source file (it's well tested
with some 3rd party SHA1 code), but the documentation for those
functions is included in the API-docs. I think those functions should
be reviewed as well, so that it's possible to add them to phobos with a
simple pull request at a later date.

Note2: std.uuid also need this pull request:
It adds a isRandomNumberGenerator template to detect if a template
parameter is a random-number generator type.

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