std.uuid is ready for review

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Fri Feb 3 00:54:32 PST 2012

On 2012-02-02 22:26, Johannes Pfau wrote:
> Hi,
> std.uuid is ready to be reviewed. As far as I know there's nothing
> being reviewed right now, so we could start the review as soon as
> a review manager has been found.
> About std.uuid (copied from the module documentation):
> ---------------------
> This is a port of boost.uuid from the boost project with some minor
> additions and API changes for a more D-like API. A UUID, or Universally
> unique identifier, is intended to uniquely identify information in a
> distributed environment without significant central coordination. It
> can be used to tag objects with very short lifetimes, or to reliably
> identify very persistent objects across a network. UUIDs have many
> applications. [...]
> ---------------------
> Code:
> API-Docs:
> Note: The code and documentation for shaUUID has already been written,
> but until phobos has support for SHA1, that can't be included. The code
> is currently commented out in the source file (it's well tested
> with some 3rd party SHA1 code), but the documentation for those
> functions is included in the API-docs. I think those functions should
> be reviewed as well, so that it's possible to add them to phobos with a
> simple pull request at a later date.
> Note2: std.uuid also need this pull request:
> It adds a isRandomNumberGenerator template to detect if a template
> parameter is a random-number generator type.

My serialization library Orange was in the review queue before, for a 
pre-review, but nothing happened with that. I you want to review 
std.uuid before I have no problem with that.

/Jacob Carlborg

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