Gdc & avr

Daniel Murphy yebblies at
Fri Feb 3 05:48:54 PST 2012

Heh, I didn't realize that.  I actually build an fpga clone of atmega64 last 
year and would love to get D compiling on it, but other things tend to take 

It probably wouldn't be too hard (if you could get the cross compiler 
working) to stub out most of druntime and get it to compile.  The syntax 
improvement would alone would make it a great alternative to c.

"Alex_Dovhal" <alex_dovhal at> wrote in message 
news:jggjg1$2i7$3 at
> "Daniel Murphy" <yebblies at> wrote:
>>There are 32 bit avrs.  Search for 'AVR32'.
> Thanks, I know :) But Arduino uses 8-bit.

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