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One can use C without an OS on any of the Atmel microcontroller range...
why would D need an OS to support it?

On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 12:45 AM, Paulo Pinto <pjmlp at> wrote:

>   The only language without runtime is pure assembly.
> All high level languages require a runtime library, even C, despite what
> many people think.
> Now in this case what would be nice would be the possibility to generate
> code that runs on top of the arduino without any
> real OS. This is a common use case in embedded systems and here the
> runtime has even an higher value as it takes the
> role of an OS.
> --
> Paulo
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>  On 3 February 2012 15:37, Alex_Dovhal <alex_dovhal at> wrote:
>> **
>> >Andrea Fontana" <advmail at> wrote:
>>  >In this case can we hope for a d frontend?
>> That depends if it's MCU or MPU. If it will be MCU(like ARM7TDMI), which
>> means Harvard Architecture (where Program code and RAM are physically
>> different). Also internal RAM of a few KB and no Linux.
>> If it'll be MCU then it can have Linux OS, so theoretically it can have
>> GDC ported.
> Eh? Why would GDC depend on linux at all? If you disable the GC (and
> dependent language functionality), and manage to do something about the
> horrible exe bloat, there's no reason it shouldn't be able to target
> anything...
> The obvious advantage over C is the syntax features. Clearly D as a
> *language* shouldn't DEPEND on the druntime, other than some language
> features that imply GC, like dynamic arrays/etc.
> Is the toolchain not capable of producing a working exe without linking
> any library? Surely you can write a totally raw app with no libs at all?
> (assuming you avoid language features that make implicit druntime calls)
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