Trass3r un at
Fri Feb 3 12:46:49 PST 2012

> But things like shared libraries that will become necessary once it
> becomes mainstream. Lack of shared library support is one of the
> barriers to it becoming mainstream (among many other things).

Support for that is almost ready even in dmd.
You were talking about making phobos shared and that's a different thing.

>> I rather have a slightly bigger executable than having my system
>> cluttered with hundreds of phobos versions I don't need.
> Um, that's what you use a package manager for...

I didn't say anything about management.

>> And you should keep in mind that dmd's phobos is currently 17MB,
>> gdc's is 25+5.5. Plus most apps only use a small share of that.
>> Making druntime shared sometime is ok I think, but it's just not
>> ready yet. See the recent associative arrays dilemma. And the crappy
>> GC.
> It's strange, I noticed one thing about the D forums, and that is people
> keep complaining about this problem and that problem, this lack and that
> lack, and it seems very few are willing to actually do something about
> it.

I wasn't complaining, I was stating that even druntime is far from being  

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