Deprecated language features

Steven Schveighoffer schveiguy at
Fri Feb 3 17:53:54 PST 2012

On Thu, 02 Feb 2012 12:53:38 -0500, bearophile <bearophileHUGS at>  

> Ali:
>> I think foreach_reverse and the associated opApplyReverse member  
>> function.
> I use it now and then. A possible replacement:
> foreach (i; 10 .. 0 : -1) {}

foreach_reverse is fine to keep for builtins and range specifiers, but I'd  
really like to get rid of it for every other use.  We already have foreach  
on a delegate to give us the equivalent functionality.

The worst thing is foreach_reverse on a delegate, since the delegate does  
nothing different when called in "reverse" mode!


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