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On 02/04/2012 01:02 AM, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
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>>> 2. Milestones and Organization
>> This is non-corporate-backed OSS. People are free to work on what they
>> choose. We're not Bill Lumberg Waterfall Nazis here.
>>> I cannot stand Windows. If Microsoft suddenly went bankrupt, Windows was
>>> never updated, and people had to move to MacOS or Linux, I would be the
>>> happiest man alive.
>> Bleh. Apple makes MS look like the EFF. (And I'd sooner switch to a
>> graphing calculator as my primary PC than go back to OSX.) MS may be no
>> better than any other corporation, but Jobs's demise was the #1 best thing
>> to happen to technology since Win2K/XP. ('Course they couldn't get me to
>> use that Vista/Win7 trash if they paid me.)
>>> It also drives me insane that dmd for D2 is not named dmd2. There's no
>>> reason to not have it be dmd2 and you just stupidly caused
>>> incompatibility with the D1 executable.
>> https://bitbucket.org/doob/dvm
>> $dvm use 1.069
>> $dvm use 2.057
>> etc...
>> Trivial problem trivially solved.
>>> The .c extensions on C++ files... need I say more? That itself is a joke
>>> and seems to have been ignored when complaints about it came up.
>> Everyone already knows and agrees.
> I don't mean to be an ass about it, I know how infuriating it is to come
> into a group and get immediately lynched. It's just that every couple months
> we inevitably get yet another first-time (or nearly-first-time) poster who
> gives us a big essay on everything we're doing wrong and how they're going
> to swoop in and save us from ourselves with their basic observations, all of
> which inevitably fall into:
> A. Things everyone already knows, agrees on, and is being worked on.
> B. Things they can easily contribute to themselves.
> C. Things that are already taken care of.
> D. Things that have already been brought up, discussed, and are never going
> to happen (and have *then* been discussed a couple more times).
> E. Things that are just plain false.
> It's a pattern that just gets very old very quickly.

You seem to have ignored parts of my post. I said I would start 
contributing. I even mentioned DVM and why DVM shouldn't exist. And 
while you are not "Bill Lumberg Waterfall Nazis", I'm not sure why 
stating your short-term goals is such a problem. It creates the basics 
of organization and of itself would probably make several people happy 
at the cost of almost nothing.

Organization? What are we, "Bill Lumberg Waterfall Nazis"?

Also, I don't really care if things I brought up have been repeated, 
there is known knowledge as to why you chose the "solution" to the 
problem I stated. I even discussed this when I talked about the FAQ. If 
a question constantly comes up, it brings up an obvious unproductive 
problem and thus should be taken care of ahead of time in the FAQ.

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