dmd Lexer and Parser in D

F i L witte2008 at
Sat Feb 4 03:59:39 PST 2012

On Saturday, 4 February 2012 at 05:24:45 UTC, Zach Tollen wrote:
> Greetings! I am a rather new programmer and while this is my 
> first post I wanted to say that I did some work on the ddmd 
> project at, which was kind of a big hairy mess. My 
> fork of this project is at:
> The point is, I cleaned out the crappiness but I chucked the 
> entire semantic and backend, so that you have left a port of 
> the dmd lexer and parser in the D language now. The README 
> there has more to say.
> I might well "announce" this on D.announce but I'm too new to 
> have a feel for the significance of it all.
> Thanks for reading,
> Zach

Very cool. I was talking with someone on the IRC about the 
possibility/difficulties of making DMD's parser/lexer/AST stay 
open in memory with protocols designed for IDE code-completion 
communication. It would be ideal to have an IDE's intellisense 
automatically update with DMD semantically.

Unfortunately the conclusion was that it would be to difficult an 
undertaking to be realistic, since DMD is designed to be 
run-and-done (also something about "Walter code" :-)). But maybe 
a rewrite/port of DMD, especially one written in D, might be able 
to be reworked with this goal in mind? How complete is DDMD?

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