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>>>>> 2. Milestones and Organization
>>>> This is non-corporate-backed OSS. People are free to work on 
>>>> what they
>>>> choose. We're not Bill Lumberg Waterfall Nazis here.
>>>>> I cannot stand Windows. If Microsoft suddenly went 
>>>>> bankrupt, Windows was
>>>>> never updated, and people had to move to MacOS or Linux, I 
>>>>> would be the
>>>>> happiest man alive.
>>>> Bleh. Apple makes MS look like the EFF. (And I'd sooner 
>>>> switch to a
>>>> graphing calculator as my primary PC than go back to OSX.) 
>>>> MS may be no
>>>> better than any other corporation, but Jobs's demise was the 
>>>> #1 best thing
>>>> to happen to technology since Win2K/XP. ('Course they 
>>>> couldn't get me to
>>>> use that Vista/Win7 trash if they paid me.)
>>>>> It also drives me insane that dmd for D2 is not named dmd2. 
>>>>> There's no
>>>>> reason to not have it be dmd2 and you just stupidly caused
>>>>> incompatibility with the D1 executable.
>>>> https://bitbucket.org/doob/dvm
>>>> $dvm use 1.069
>>>> $dvm use 2.057
>>>> etc...
>>>> Trivial problem trivially solved.
>>>>> The .c extensions on C++ files... need I say more? That 
>>>>> itself is a joke
>>>>> and seems to have been ignored when complaints about it 
>>>>> came up.
>>>> Everyone already knows and agrees.
>>> I don't mean to be an ass about it, I know how infuriating it 
>>> is to come
>>> into a group and get immediately lynched. It's just that 
>>> every couple months
>>> we inevitably get yet another first-time (or 
>>> nearly-first-time) poster who
>>> gives us a big essay on everything we're doing wrong and how 
>>> they're going
>>> to swoop in and save us from ourselves with their basic 
>>> observations, all of
>>> which inevitably fall into:
>>> A. Things everyone already knows, agrees on, and is being 
>>> worked on.
>>> B. Things they can easily contribute to themselves.
>>> C. Things that are already taken care of.
>>> D. Things that have already been brought up, discussed, and 
>>> are never going
>>> to happen (and have *then* been discussed a couple more 
>>> times).
>>> E. Things that are just plain false.
>>> It's a pattern that just gets very old very quickly.
>> You seem to have ignored parts of my post. I said I would 
>> start contributing. I even mentioned DVM and why DVM shouldn't 
>> exist. And while you are not "Bill Lumberg Waterfall Nazis", 
>> I'm not sure why stating your short-term goals is such a 
>> problem. It creates the basics of organization and of itself 
>> would probably make several people happy at the cost of almost 
>> nothing.
>> Organization? What are we, "Bill Lumberg Waterfall Nazis"?
>> Also, I don't really care if things I brought up have been 
>> repeated, there is known knowledge as to why you chose the 
>> "solution" to the problem I stated. I even discussed this when 
>> I talked about the FAQ. If a question constantly comes up, it 
>> brings up an obvious unproductive problem and thus should be 
>> taken care of ahead of time in the FAQ.
> I just don't see why you seem to care so incredibly much about 
> such trivial matters as "dmd" vs "dmd2" and releases not 
> limiting themselves to some sort of pre-determined "theme".

1. I don't care about such trivial things since it doesn't make 
sense to change them currently. However, it was an obvious 
problem when the name was first set and other than D1 being 
deprecated, it's still a problem now (sort of). Arch Linux chose 
to remove the D1 package and add the D2 package and not keep both 
simply because of the retarded name incompatibilities.

2. How is that in any way limiting? It's not like people will 
work on bugs and someone else will come along and say, "Wait, 
that's not in our milestones! Shame on you!"

It does help people focus on prioritized bugs. However, that 
doesn't force them to work on a bug just because its in the 
milestone. If you want a community driven project, the community 
has to have some goal to work towards in order to be efficient or 
it's just a blob of random fixes and features that are randomly 
implemented, regardless of priority.

Bugzilla has a terrible system for emphasizing priority because a 
level of priority can mean a good amount of things. Github, I 
think, has a better system which uses labels and is much more 
specific while colors can give emphasis on how important that 
label is.

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