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Manfred Nowak svv1999 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 4 12:38:19 PST 2012

Tobias Pankrath wrote:

> Quote from dlang.org
>> Got a brief example illustrating D? Submit your code to the
>> digitalmars.D forum, specifying "[your code here]" in the title.

I doubt that the author of that text indeed wanted some hundred 
contributers and lurkers to see this title pop up some hundred times 
and stay amused.

digitalmars.D.misc or digitalmars.D.propaganda would be good places to 
not distract interested people from the language.

Furthermore I believe, that the costs for creating a new 
digitalmars.D.abc group are negligible. For example 
digitalmars.D.debugger has fewer than 500 messages and about 80 threads 
within a time span of five years.


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