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On 5 February 2012 02:47, Martin Nowak <dawg at> wrote:

> God no. You just case the appropriate address to some sort of pointer and
>> manage it however you like.
>> str*? you mean char*.. Of course you use that, that's a buffer :P
> strtol
> The bottom line is you can't avoid the CRT/C++RT when you use certain
> language constructs, same goes for D.
> Because D incorporates higher level constructs it might be more difficult
> than in C to actually do this.

str__ functions are mostly inlines in header files, but sure :)

Granted some libs will surely be handy, and if a really minimal 'embedded'
druntime is required, then fine, as long as it really is very minimal. But
I'd like to think D is capable of producing binaries without any libs at
all, just like C is. There are many small embedded projects where you need
that, and D is such a nicer language than C. I think D actually has a lot
to offer in that department too. CTFE and D's templates will allow for some
really powerful+optimal expressions in such tiny systems.
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