std.simd module

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Mon Feb 6 00:49:15 PST 2012

On Saturday, 4 February 2012 at 23:15:17 UTC, Manu wrote:

> First criticism I expect is for many to insist on a class-style 
> vector
> library, which I personally think has no place as a low level, 
> portable API.
> Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect vector lib 
> should look
> like, and it tends to change significantly with respect to its 
> application.
> I feel this flat API is easier to implement, maintain, and 
> understand, and
> I expect the most common use of this lib will be in the back 
> end of peoples
> own vector/matrix/linear algebra libs that suit their apps.
> My key concern is with my function names... should I be worried 
> about name
> collisions in such a low level lib? I already shadow a lot of 
> standard
> float functions...
> I prefer them abbreviated in this (fairly standard) way, keeps 
> lines of
> code short and compact. It should be particularly familiar to 
> anyone who
> has written shaders and such.

I prefer the flat API and short names too.

> Opinions? Shall I continue as planned?

Looks nice. Please do continue :)

You have only run this on a 32 bit machine, right? Cause I tried 
to compile this simple example and got some errors about 
converting ulong to int:

auto testfun(float4 a, float4 b)
    return swizzle!("yxwz")(a);

It compiles if I do this changes:

< 		foreach(i; 0..N)
> 		foreach(int i; 0..N)
< 				int i = countUntil(s, swizzleKey[0]);
> 				int i = cast(int)countUntil(s, swizzleKey[0]);
< 					foreach(j, c; s) // find the offset of the ---
> 					foreach(int j, c; s) // find the offset of the

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