std.xml and Adam D Ruppe's dom module

Alvaro alvaroDotSegura at
Mon Feb 6 15:15:37 PST 2012

The current std.xml needs a replacement (I think it has already been 
decided so), something with a familiar DOM API with facilities to 
manipulate XML documents.

I needed to do a quick XML file transform and std.xml was of little use. 
Then I found this Adam D. Ruppe's library:

Its "dom" module has that sort of Javascript-like DOM manipulation code. 
It has getElementsByTagName(), getElementById(), firstChild, nodeValue, 
innerText (read/write), toString, etc. Easy and performing. The XML 
processing I needed to make took minutes with that!

I thus suggest, if licensing allows (?) and no better exists, to base a 
newer std.xml module on that code as a starting point. Well, after 
cleaning up and fixing anything necessary. For instance, that module was 
designed for Web server programming and is targeted at HTML DOM mainly. 
It has stuff to deal with CSS styles, HTML specific elements and their 
special handling (table, a, form, audio, input, ...). A lot of that can 
be left out in XML.

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