An unknown deprecated feature

Alex Rønne Petersen xtzgzorex at
Mon Feb 6 23:59:33 PST 2012

On 09-11-2005 16:10, Bruno Medeiros wrote:
> I just spent half an hour trying to figure out why a certain piece of
> code wouldn't compile. Puzzled by a cryptic error message, and after
> reducing it to the simplest form of code:
> class Bar(TYPE)
> {
> Bar!(TYPE) instance;
> }
> and still without it compiling, surprised was I when just by changing
> the field name it compiled. I searched the doc, and yo and behold,
> "instance" is a deprecated keyword:
> ( which I naturally had never heard about... O_o' )
> Maybe it's time we kill some of these older deprecated features, no?

Wow, I had no idea. This needs to be freed up.

- Alex

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