Why I don't want D to expand

Bee Bee at getaclue.net
Tue Feb 7 22:40:44 PST 2012

It's the wrong thing. It wastes peoples' time. How is it not ALREADY just 
like C++, in that the human time capital is worth what it is. Surely the 
compiler-writer who started the monstrosity of D knows this. But you 
"supporters", keep doggin' him. Surely I want you to "abandon" him so he 
can move on. Surely I want to do that because I am so competitive and 
want to ensure no better thing is in the market when I introduce my 
thing. Huh.

This post came about because, yesterday, I had a fleeting thought that 
went like this: What if I was to contract a unit of work to a contractor 
that bills himself as a compiler writer for hire?

Then I thought: He'd be trying to sell me his compiler! Ha, been there 
done that, said NO to that. (Read, prominent compiler said he wouldn't 
build me what I wanted, because he couldn't control me with it).

I can build all this stuff. You KNOW I can. For me it's just a time 
thing. "Ah, therein is the rub!". Package it. Package it right, and I may 
want to buy it. Play the lil fucking prick on a programming project that 
thinks he is smarter than everyone else and writes an "Object class" from 
which all else will follow, gets you IGGY.


Walter tried to sell his wares. Did it work out? I can figure it out. And 
better than you can. Who was your target market? you tried to make a fast 
buck. Didn't I quickly quip that you were trying to relay info available 
in any number of texts, in some kind of live event in order to milk 

Walter, I think you are too expensive, and your wares are not worth it. I 
WILL pay you for RVO though if you can prove that is yours. I mean, I'll 
figure it all out and better than you can ever, but I won't let you 
capitalize upon common knowledge. Ooops.. Walt, was that a GREAT 
discovery? Ha! You give everything hoping for something? I take it back. 
I will NOT pay you for RVO. I was having a blonde moment or I miss her or 
something, but no, I know you.

"I know you": translates to, "wanting something for nothing". "Easy 

Why don't you go GPL, bitch? That's where shit reigns. 

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