Possible to pass a member function to spawn?

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Thu Feb 9 00:29:54 PST 2012


I'm the guy that made the initial post in this thread. Well, some 100 or so replies ago :-). I must admit that I cannot always follow the discussion as I'm a real D newbie. As I understand one issue discussed is that the actor class is declared shared (see blow the solution I meanwhile came up with). The "trick" I'm doing is the MyActor.start() thing: the created instance of MyActor is not returned to the outside world but only the tid of the spawned thread. This way nobody gets a reference to an actor object he could play with from within a different thread.

Problem is that this also compiles:

MyActor myActor = new MyActor();
auto tid = myActor.start();
myActor.run(i);	// call from the parent thread!

I believe I will just write down in the docs that this approach is strongly discouraged! Another problem ist that

auto tid = MyActor.start();

doesn't compile as it should: Error: undefined identifier module MyActor.start

This is a bit strange since this should be legal, f.x. p.176 in the book by Alexandrescu provides a analogous example. Same with "tid.send(thisTid, Actor.SHUTDOWN)" with Actor.SHUTDOWN.

Regards, Oliver

int main()

    auto tid = MyActor.start();



    tid.send(thisTid, Actor.SHUTDOWN);

        (int x) { writeln("spawned actor has shut down with return code: ", x); 

    return 0;

----------------- Actor.d ------------------------

shared abstract class Actor {    

    public static string SHUTDOWN = "shutdown";

    protected bool cont = true;

    Tid start() {
        return spawn(&dispatch, this);

    void run() {
        while(cont) {

    abstract void act();

    protected bool checkShutdown(Tid sender, string msg) {
        if(msg == SHUTDOWN) {
            writeln("shutting down ...");
            cont = false;
            return true;
        return false;


void dispatch(Actor actor)

----------------- End of Actor.d ------------------------

----------------- MyActor.d ------------------------

shared class MyActor : Actor {    

    void run(int i) {

    void act() 
            (int msg) { run(msg); },
            (Tid sender, string msg) { checkShutdown(sender, msg); },
            (Variant v) { writeln("huh?"); }            

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