Mac OS X 10.5 support

Sean Kelly sean at
Thu Feb 9 08:07:30 PST 2012

At this point, the only people on 10.4-5 should be those with PPC macs. I think 32-bit Intel owners may be stuck on 10.6.

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>> Lately, dmd seems to have broken support for OS X 10.5. Supporting that 
>> system is problematic for us, since we don't have 10.5 systems available 
>> for dev/test.
>> Currently, the build/test farm is OS X 10.7.
>> I don't think this is like the Windows issue. Upgrading Windows is (for 
>> me, anyway) a full day job. Upgrading OS X is inexpensive and relatively 
>> painless, the least painless of any system newer than DOS that I've 
>> experienced.
>> Hence, is it worthwhile to continue support for 10.5? Can we officially 
>> say that only 10.6+ is supported? Is there a significant 10.5 community 
>> that eschews OS upgrades but still expects new apps?
> While I'm normally big on not dropping support for older things, my honest 
> take on it is that if someone's using an Apple OS, then they've already 
> agreed to an implicit "contract" (for lack of a better word) that they're 
> going to need to keep upgrading to whatever's the latest hardware/software 
> anyway. It's just the way Apple works. 'Course, as a non-Apple user, I'm not 
> sure anything I have to say on it counts for much. So, FWIW.

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