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Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:52:38 PST 2012

On Thursday, 9 February 2012 at 17:36:01 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu 
> Cue the choir: "Please submit to Phobos".

Perhaps when I finish the URL struct in there. (It
takes a url and breaks it down into parts you can edit,
and can do rebasing. Currently, the handling of the Location:
header is technically wrong - the http spec says it is supposed
to be an absolute url, but I don't enforce that.

Now, in cgi mode, it doesn't matter, since the web server
fixes it up for us. But, in http mode... well, it still
doesn't matter since the browsers can all figure it out,
but I'd like to do the right thing anyway.).

I might change the http constructor and/or add one
that takes a std.socket socket cuz that would be cool.

But I just don't want to submit it when I still might
be making some big changes in the near future.

BTW, I spent a little time reorganizing and documenting
dom.d a bit more.


Still not great docs, but if you come from javascript,
I think it is pretty self-explanatory anyway.

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