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On 2012-02-11 15:36, Nick Sabalausky wrote:
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>>>> What are your thoughts?
>>> There is no way you get a D application into 64K. The language is not
>>> powerful enough. Only C can achieve that.
>> I'll need to agree. Porting D to a smaller memory space and with cramped
>> features in all of this is not going to be good no matter how you look at
>> it. I'm sure it's similar to comparing using perl in something with only
>> 64k of memory, one must ask where you can put the interpreter, decoding
>> and working with the source text, and many other things, not to mention
>> even if you pulled it off, the speed penalty.
>> With only 64k, you aren't going to need anything extremely complex or
>> elaborate.
>> You MIGHT get away with exporting D code to using C symbols, but you'll
>> likely be stuck working with structs, no library support, no heap, no
>> memory management, and fixed-sized arrays. I doubt you'd need templates,
>> or any of the higher functions. All structures and types must be basic or
>> known statically at compile time. Unlikely for lambdas to be used, and a
>> score of other features.
>> This is all just speculation, but I think you get the picture. If you make
>> a subset of D, it would most likely be named Mini-D. But at that point
>> you've got an enhanced C without going C++.
> That would *still* be a very notable improvement over C. Hell, if you ask
> me, a proper module system alone is one of the killer features of D over C.
> Header files? Seriously? Fuck that shit. What the hell is this, 1970? And
> then there's other things that are *at the very least* icing on the cake:
> Faster compilation, slicing, better safety, metaprogramming (esp CTFE) that
> whups C's ass and makes it much less less tempting to do things at runtime
> that don't need to be done at runtime. That's all just off the top of my
> head.

I think slicing is quite difficult without a GC. Not the actual slicing 
but freeing the memory.

/Jacob Carlborg

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