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Sat Feb 11 17:00:42 PST 2012

On Sunday, February 12, 2012 01:40:50 Zachary Lund wrote:
> Btw, I'm not very fluent in the inner workings of a garbage
> collector implementation but how does one go about concatenating
> to an array in a garbage collector as compared to manual memory
> management? I believe array concatenation can be done in
> std::vector with the insert() function just fine. Isn't it as
> simple as determining both array sizes and allocating enough
> memory for both arrays? I could be oversimplifying things...

Read this:


Appending to vectors is very different from appending to dynamic arrays because 
dynamic arrays do _not_ own their own memory (the GC does) and not only could 
other slices refer the same memory (in which case, you can't just free that 
memory when an array gets reallocated due to running out of space to append 
to), but they could already refer to the memory one past the end of the array, 
making it so that it can't expand into that memory.

Slices change the entire equation. And the way slices are designed, they 
require the GC.

- Jonathan M Davis

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