Why I don't want D to expand

Adam adaprogrammer at usenet.net
Sat Feb 11 22:38:23 PST 2012

Bernard Helyer wrote:
> On Wednesday, 8 February 2012 at 08:19:28 UTC, Bee wrote:
>> Bernard Helyer wrote:
>>> I understand you have daddy issues that come out when you
>>> drink,
>>> but can't you start a diary or something?
>> You are saying what, you lil prick?
> I'm saying you get drunk and post random shit because your daddy
> didn't give you enough hugs. :P

I get it now: you are "spilling". I can't help you with your dad crap. 
One must wonder about some president forcing his cum to become everyones 
topic of discussion. I don't think he is "the president", I think he is 
crime. You can call it "politician", but isn't that akin to "get out of 
jail free"? Next "president" puh leeze. If there is a war, and there is a 
president, shouldn't he and his ... <whatever> be the first ones dead?

I don't think anyone wants a war. I think a lot of people capitalize on 
the concept of "war", and they are bad in doing that, and I hate them.

Don't stop hating those that wrong you. Do hate those who do. Else you 
give the proverbial blank check to evil. 

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