automated C++ binding generation.. Booost D, NO , Not us. SIMD is more important.

Andrej Mitrovic andrej.mitrovich at
Sun Feb 12 03:04:02 PST 2012

On 2/11/12, bls <bizprac at> wrote:
> Silly Question .. did you try to  to use regen (or however it is named)
> script to re-create the doxygen xml files ?

That's what I do, yes. The wxPhp xml files were a little outdated anyway.

> Another question regarding wxC. Will there be an option to generate a
> shared library so/dll ?

For wxc I'll have to provide both static and shared library support.

win32-only: I've tried statically linking 2.9.3 via optlink but it
couldn't handle the vast amount of symbol names. Even if that was
resolved (it won't be) I can't use optlink anymore since wxWidgets has
basically dropped support for DMC, and I have to use either g++ or MSC
to build wxWidgets. Remember that Optlink can't link to COFF. The
alternatives that I know of are DMD+Unilink + static/dynamic library,
DMD+Optlink + dynamic library, or GDC + static/dynamic library.
There's also LDC but I haven't used it for D2 yet.

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