Daniel Murphy yebblies at nospamgmail.com
Sun Feb 12 09:45:43 PST 2012

Turns out I can't help myself:

(the makefile changes are win32 only, but aren't very compilcated)

It compiles the following into cryptic c full of mangled names just fine:

__gshared int global = 3;

int main()
    uint x;
    foreach(i; 0..20)
        x += i;
    return 0;

Doesn't seem that hard.  Dmd would need support for 8/16 bit pointers and a 
few other things, but I think most of the customization could be done with 
some well-defined macros and per-architecture header files.  Some features 
are implemented in wrong part of the compiler, and will cause problems. 

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