newbie -- how to build module?

David Nadlinger see at
Mon Feb 13 04:50:52 PST 2012

On 2/13/12 1:13 PM, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
> I am sure that if but the right mindset was brought to bear, the D
> community and in particular those with some responsibility for the
> toolset and language, could learn as much from my current 2 postings as
> I am learning about the tools and language.
> Not to be artificially humble, that's not my style. ;-)

Nobody doubts that feedback, especially from people new to the language, 
is important. And indeed, the first topic you started is perfectly 
appropriate here. However, for beginner questions like your second one, 
we have a separate newsgroup, digitalmars.D.learn. Don't forget that 
some people are subscribed just to dm.D via the mailing list interface 
to keep up to date with D development related things, and basic 
questions would only clutter their inbox.

And not to be artificially restrained, it's not likely that your 
question regarding import search paths will fundamentally affect the D 
module design, is it? :P

Anyway, as far as the compilation model goes, for everything search path 
and linker-related, a useful first-order approximation is just to think 
of it as C++. Each import search path (from dmd.conf/sc.ini or the -I 
command line switches, plus the working directory) is treated as 
possible root, and similar to »#include <foo/bar.h>«, »import;« 
looks for a foo/bar.d file in any of the import directories.

So, if you really want to extend druntime's core package (which you 
normally don't, unless you plan on submitting your additions back 
upstream), you would put your generated unicode_api.d in a 
core/sys/windows directory under one of the import search paths.


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