Review of Jose Armando Garcia Sancio's std.log

David Nadlinger see at
Mon Feb 13 07:50:04 PST 2012

There are several modules in the review queue right now, and to get 
things going, I have volunteered to manage the review of Jose's std.log 
proposal. Barring any objections, the review period starts now and ends 
in three weeks, on March 6th, followed by a week of voting.


Known remaining issues:
  - Proof-reading of the docs is required.
  - Not yet fully tested on Windows.

Depends on: 
(will be part of 2.058)

Earlier drafts of this library were discussed last year, just search the 
NG and ML archives for "std.log".

I think getting this right is vitally important so that we can avoid an 
abundance of partly incompatible logging libraries like in Java. Thus, 
I'd warmly encourage everyone to actively try out the module or compare 
it with any logging solution you might already be using in your project.

Please post all feedback in this thread, and remember: Although 
comprehensive reviews are obviously appreciated, short comments are very 
welcome as well!


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