Review of Jose Armando Garcia Sancio's std.log

David Nadlinger see at
Mon Feb 13 08:49:49 PST 2012

On 2/13/12 4:50 PM, David Nadlinger wrote:
> Docs:

A few small points from a first pass through the docs:

Spelling nits:
  - potion -> position
  - enviroment -> environment
  - arguements -> arguments
  - explictly -> explicitly
  - fileter -> filter
  - persiste -> persist
  - genereated -> generated
  - brakets -> brackets
  - paramater -> parameter
  - compuration -> computation

The introductory section needs some copy editing, e.g.:
  - In the first paragraph, every sentence starts with »The module«
  - disabled/enabled -> disable/enable
  - »In the other« -> »in the order«

You define the Severity enum members starting with fatal as 0. Why not 
the other way round – so that severityA < severityB would do what you 
(or at least I) would expect?

Include a cross-reference to log() in the Severity comment?

Maybe clarify the meaning of »can be logged« (i.e. the severity level is 
not completely disabled) in the LogFilter docs?

Are the explicit to!string calls in the first LogFilter example required?

config.logger: First line is missing a full stop, »The default value a 
FileLogger.«, »change and configure« (where is the difference?)

»Create a configuration object based on the passed parameter.« is 
slightly misleading, because parseCommandLine() doesn't actually create 
an object.

I'll post a more in-depth review later.


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