Mac OS X 10.5 support

Sönke Ludwig ludwig_nospam at
Mon Feb 13 11:50:32 PST 2012

Am 09.02.2012 17:20, schrieb Walter Bright:
> On 2/9/2012 1:37 AM, Sönke Ludwig wrote:
>> I have a project that we actually plan to use in production in the
>> company for
>> which I work. They still require 10.5 support for their products so
>> removing
>> that support would make for a very bad situation here.
>> But it should be possible to get a 10.5 retail DVD and install it
>> inside a VM..
>> I actually planned to do exactly this to support 10.5 nightbuilds for
>> my own D
>> stuff.
>> If support should be dropped anyway, are the issues only build-related
>> so that
>> e.g. gdc would still continue work on 10.5 without further work?
> Would it also be possible for you to:
> 1. debug what has gone wrong with the 10.5 support? I'll be happy to
> fold in any resulting patches.
> 2. provide a remote login shell so we can figure it out?
> 3. use git bisect to determine which change broke it?

I was able to test on a Mac Mini with 10.5 today (setting up a virtual
machine did not work without downloading disk images over torrent or
similar stuff and v4.1.1 of vmware fusion does not allow non-server
installations anymore). My findings were:

- stock DMD did not run because it is compiled for 64-bit while the
system is 32-bit only
- compiling on a 10.6 machine with stock DMD caused a fatal dyld error
at application startup on the 10.5 machine (for a simple hello world app)
- compiling a fresh DMD on the 10.5 machine from git seems to yield
working executables

So either the problem is just a build setup issue or it was something I
didn't test (I tested writefln() as in bug 4854). Is there a standard
way to build the DMD+druntime+phobos package so I can simulate the
original build process? Right now I just compiled each of those
separately using "make" without any further options.

Minor note: the version check in dmd/source/ to select the OS X
SDK does not work on 10.5 and it selects the 10.6 SDK.

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