Daniel Murphy yebblies at nospamgmail.com
Mon Feb 13 23:00:33 PST 2012

"Iain Buclaw" <ibuclaw at ubuntu.com> wrote in message
> I think it starts with a runtime library that is written for the given
> architecture in mind.  The compiler is already there in my opinion,
> and I have seen little reason for it not to be.

Is the compiler really ready?

Assuming that it's possible to build gdc as (for eg) an avr cross compiler, 
you'll still need support for:
- 16 bit pointers
- program memory
- interrupts
- IO registers
- stripping out typeinfo/moduleinfo
- issuing errors for unsupported features
- inline assembler

If gdc can do most of this already, that's great - but I doubt it can do all 
of it. 

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