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Mon Feb 13 23:26:48 PST 2012

"Adam D. Ruppe" <destructionator at gmail.com> wrote in message 
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> On Sunday, 12 February 2012 at 17:45:46 UTC, Daniel Murphy wrote:
>> Turns out I can't help myself:
>> https://github.com/yebblies/dmd/tree/microd
> hmmm....
> Do you see anything wrong with using a similar strategy to
> output something like C# or Java?
> It might be a relatively easy way to get (a subset of) D
> integrated into those environments.

C works because you can build all the high level features of D (classes, 
exceptions, etc) out of C and assembler.  You can build high-level features 
out of low-level ones, but not the other way around.  I don't know how 
C#/Java would handle things like value types, unions, pointers, interior 
pointers etc.  I'm not sure, but I think there might be some limitations in 
the underlying bytecode that prevents some of these things, and unlike C you 
can't drop down to assembler to fill in the gaps.

So I guess it depends on which features you want - you'd lose some of the 
low-level features, and might be unable to build the high-level features 
without them. 

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