Don nospam at nospam.com
Wed Feb 15 14:40:44 PST 2012

On 13.02.2012 19:17, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
> Second, coming up with another D-derived brand is a bad marketing move.
> We've been hurt for too long a time by D1/D2.

Andrei, can I ask you to please never mention D1 again? You seem to have 
_fundamental_ misconceptions about it. It's obvious that D1 was 
exceedingly poorly explained, to the extent that even you didn't 
understand it, and you've spread your misunderstandings everywhere.
And THAT has been a marketing disaster.

To try to set the record straight:

The D language has been developed continuously since the beginning.
"D1" is a stability snapshot of DMD 1.015.
"D2" is the continued development of D after 1.015.

There was no change in the rate of language development before the 
stability snapshot (ie, what went into D1) vs after the stability 
snapshot (what has gone into D2). There was no decision "1.015 is a good 
enough language, let's stabilize on this". It was essentially a freezing 
of the language development at a largely arbitrary point, for purposes 
of stability. Most importantly, note that "D1" was not planned. It's not 
a language that anyone wanted. It's just a snapshot.
And it was successful - 75% of the open bugs are D2-only.

Any mention of D1 as if it were the "first attempt" of the D language is 
offensive, and wrong.

Here's the original announcement of D1:

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