Why is there no or or and ?

F i L witte2008 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 23:56:58 PST 2012

> All of the syntaxes you're advocating are every bit as 
> arbitrary as the ones you're against.

Programming is logic largely based around math. Seeing as how 
we're all educated around with mathematic symbols as children, a 
language design which reflects what is most familiar will be the 
easiest to initially understand. Less friction means more 

Thought to be honest I doubt we'll all still be designing 
applications in text (only) editors, even fancy ones, in the next 
10-15 years. Software design is very modular, and even arbitrary 
logic tools could be better at presenting this data. Simple 
things like code-completion has gone a long way flatten the 
learning curve, and that can only get better when visual and 
audio logic can be manipulated in like-fashion.

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