structs, ~this(), this(this) and reference counting

Martin Nowak dawg at
Sat Feb 18 09:00:36 PST 2012

On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 11:32:07 +0100, Sönke Ludwig  
<ludwig at> wrote:

> After implementing automatic reference counting for resource management  
> and spending the last two days with trying to figure out where the  
> crashes and leaks come from and write workarounds for the corresponding  
> compiler bugs, I came to the conclusion that this approach is futile.  
> The code base is too large, as is the number of patterns that lead to  
> compiler bugs.
> Since the number of issues unusually high, instead of posting one bug  
> report for each (posted two), I compiled a small test suite with a  
> number of bug patterns that I discovered (and some working patterns).  
> The list is probably not complete and I know that some cases that are OK  
> in the test suite now failed for me in real code.
> Anyway, do you think it makes sense to post this test suite as a meta  
> bug for reference counting (excluding phobos RefCounted), so that  
> somebody can look into it as a whole?
> I get the feeling that otherwise it might take a very long time until  
> everything is stable in this area - and IMO this is an extremely  
> important area for anyone who needs to (partially or fully) avoid the  
> GC. And, last but not least, just like linker crashes and ICEs, it may  
> cause a very fragile impression for anyone who encounters this.
> Test suite:
> (Run with "dmd -g -run" or "dmd -g -version=BAILOUT -run")

How about integrating it into dmd's testsuite with
failing parts deactivated based on the bug number.

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