Remote unix text editing (Was: Why is there no or or and ?)

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Sat Feb 18 11:56:09 PST 2012

Am 18.02.2012 18:10, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:
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>> I would like to add a few more points.
>> I exclusively use (g)vim text editing, why? Because it means I can jump on
>> a console, SSH into a server, and it will probably have vim, or atleast
>> vi.
> I've heard a lot of people say that about vi(m), but in my (admittedly
> somewhat limited) experience, I've never come across a (Li|U)n[ui]x system
> that didn't have nano or pico (neither of which are great, but they're good
> enough for editing Unix configuration files, and I'm actually capable of
> using them, unlike emacs or vim).
> But I prefer to do it like this: SSH into a server, but then also connect
> via SSHFS (SSHFS is fucking *awesome*!). That way, no matter the server, I
> can use *any* editor I want: kate, gedit, whatever.
> If I'm using a server that doesn't already have ssh set up (for instance, if
> I'm actually setting up ssh) *then* I'll either use nano/pico or, if I can,
> I'll install mcedit which is the closest I've seen to what I would consider
> a nice text-mode editor.

Well, it's been a while, but in a previous life many moons ago 
(2000-2003), most of customers at the company I worked for, had plain 
instalations of Solaris and HP-UX with only vi (not vim) and ed available.

Oh, and the shells were the original sh or zsh without any of the 
GNU/BSD nice extensions.


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