The Right Approach to Exceptions

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Sat Feb 18 19:49:00 PST 2012

"Sean Cavanaugh" <WorksOnMyMachine at> wrote in message 
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> My C++ experience revolves around some rather large codebases that do not 
> have exceptions enabled at all.  The more I look into seeing what it would 
> take to start using them, all I see are some pretty huge downsides:
> The exact nature of the error for a lot of exceptions for like File I/O 
> are very platform specific.  Throwing these objects effectively bubbles up 
> highly platform specific data up to the caller, which infects the caller 
> with the need to deal with platform specific data (posix codes vs 
> GetLastError, vs various return values from the functions that failed 
> etc).  This is not a good thing for keeping a codebase isolated from 
> platform differences.

Sounds like you're just dealing with some notably bad designed exceptions. 
I've never come across such a problem, and I've used exeptions extensively.

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