Howto build a repo case for a ICE?

Daniel Murphy yebblies at
Sun Feb 19 05:43:26 PST 2012

There are only a few options:

- Reduce your code using dustmite.  I've never tried this, but I hear it 
- Use a debug version of dmd, or post the code and hope someone else debugs 
- Reduce the code manually.

The error you're getting occurs when merging two integral types together, 
and something goes horribly wrong.  It shouldn't be happening, but I'd guess 
it's something to do with alias this with integral types (huge guess).  How 
big is the project?

"Benjamin Thaut" <code at> wrote in message 
news:jhqt5p$1uel$1 at
> The last dmd version I could use to actually build my project was dmd 
> 2.056. Now I want to help finding those bugs that keep me from compiling 
> and I'm wondering how I can build repro cases for the ICEs I encounter. I 
> tried compiling with -v but that does not really give much information 
> about where the crash actually happens. So I wonder what can actually be 
> done to find the part of the code or even only the module it crashes in?
> The current ICE I'm encountering is:
> Assertion failure: 't1->ty == t2->ty' on line 2082 in file 'cast.c'
> Kind Regards
> Benjamin Thaut 

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