Why is there no or or and ?

bcs bcs at example.com
Sun Feb 19 13:26:38 PST 2012

On 02/19/2012 07:25 AM, Kevin Cox wrote:
> Vb yes, python kinda.  Vb is designed for people who don't want to
> program.  The idea is to create a quick application that gets two job
> done.  Python is slightly different.  It has a ton of syntax and all the
> libraries that it needs to be used in moderately sized project.  Python
> comes across as being easy to learn because it is simple in the most
> beautiful way.  I doubt many large programs are written in python but of
> course it is finding a home on the web.  I think that python stretches
> close to the line but I doubt it was designed for beginners.

What he said.

> On Feb 19, 2012 10:20 AM, "Stewart Gordon" <smjg_1998 at yahoo.com
> <mailto:smjg_1998 at yahoo.com>> wrote:
>     On 17/02/2012 06:09, bcs wrote:
>     <snip>
>         Any language that is designed to be easy for amateurs to use
>         will be used by amateurs, and
>         only by amateurs.
>     <snip>
>     Do you consider either VB or Python to fall under that category?
>     Stewart.

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