std.collection lets rename it into std,ridiculous.

James Miller james at
Sun Feb 19 19:19:10 PST 2012

>> When you use words on the internet people judge you based on your words.
>> There's more to proposals than technical merits, and if you don't
>> understand that that's fine, but don't be surprised when people dismiss
>> you quickly. People filter information because they have to -- they'll
>> take any excuse to ignore you. Don't make it _easy_ for them.
> Mo excuse. Be assured, and there is no doubt  that I will name shit SHIT. I
> live in a free country.
> Any substantial feedback ?

However, claiming such a thing only lowers peoples opinion of you.
Other people that use the "I live in a free country" defense include
thugs that intimidate people and teenagers disagreeing with their
parents. If that is your only defense, then you clearly don't have a
defined reason for holding your opinion.

As for your writing, it is obvious that you are french, however, that
does not excuse 1) casual mixing languages in writing, you might speak
like that, but this isn't verbal conversation. 2) rudeness. Bad
manners are bad manners, regardless of language and 3) not
proofreading, a few typos here and there are ok, especially if English
is not your first language, but you don't even punctuate properly, and
I /know/ that French has the same punctuation rules as any other
Latin-derived language.

My feedback is that for most people's purposes, associative arrays and
arrays (dynamic and static) are fine. PHP doesn't have a well-used
collections library (though it does exist) but it is used by millions
of sites every day. I don't normally need an explicit
queue/stack/priority queue.

James Miller

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