The Right Approach to Exceptions

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>>> Again, I think this thread clarified we need the "Variant[string] info;"
>>> member however we define the hierarchy.
>> I disagree. I don't see a need for that.
> How would we address custom formatting of e.g. error messages?

This may not be D. Gettext says to solve it as follow:

throw new Exception(gettext("Cool English message at

The gettext "compiler" goes through the code an generates all the strings
that need to be localized. The translation teams modifies those string and
you store them in file/map for that language. At runtime the i18n library
turns gettext(...) into a query into that map and returns the actual
localized string. There is a map for the entire process.

Localization can also be disable at compile time by making gettext a
template and generating a "noop" for that operation.

I have been thinking of making a module for i18n model after gettext but
taking advantage of D's language features. Is there some interest in this?

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