std.collection lets rename it into std,ridiculous.

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> On 2/20/12 1:45 PM, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
>> In fact, we really should get Steven's article up on It's one
>> of
>> those articles that _every_ D programmer should read.
> Pull request before we forget about that please.
> Thanks,
> Andrei

Where does an article like that go?  It seems like the D website is missing
a "Concepts" section with high level descriptions of certain core features.
 The language reference is too low level for most beginners.  The Articles
section doesn't feel right to me (I wouldn't think to check there to figure
out how slices or ranges work).  Perhaps add a Concepts section, move the
appropriate articles over from Articles, and keep Articles around for
interesting topics that wouldn't belong in Concepts (like Don's floating
point article, most of the iPad contest entries, and this "don't use arrays
as stacks article").

Another great article for a Concepts section would be the recent book
excerpt on ranges that was released a month or two ago (if the author would
allow it).  Ranges are painfully undocumented (I only had an understanding
of them because I had watched Andrei's BoostCon talk).

Brad Anderson
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