Questions about windows support

Adam D. Ruppe destructionator at
Mon Feb 20 16:11:33 PST 2012

On Monday, 20 February 2012 at 23:51:38 UTC, Jonathan M Davis 
> I would consider the Windows console to be junk in
> comparison to the Linux console, but I'm almost always in Linux.

Are you talking about the console, or the shell (and ecosystem)?
The linux shells are a lot easier to use than cmd.exe for
the most point, but programming is another story.

Windows console is like something from the 80's.

Linux terminals is like ten incompatible things, all
from the 70's. A lot of nonsense you have to worry
about - character encoding for input and output, the
escape sequences, again in and out (ever use a linux
terminal where your arrow keys didn't work? Ever have
to press escape twice? This sucks for programming and using.)

Huge pain in the butt.

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