Questions about windows support

Nick Sabalausky a at a.a
Tue Feb 21 16:03:45 PST 2012

"H. S. Teoh" <hsteoh at> wrote in message 
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> You can do:
> program_name >/dev/null 2>&1 &
> That will silence everything. But yeah, too much typing, too much
> obscure stdout/stderr redirecting for a newbie to even begin to dream
> that such things are possible.
> A good default behaviour (for the app writer) is to fork() at startup,
> detach from pty in child, and then exit parent.  A couple o' programs do
> this.

Clever, I like it! I'm gonna try to remember that next time I start doing 
desktop-GUI stuff again.

> I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge, just that nobody bothers to do
> it. But I can dream. :)

It's news to me, but then again, I'm far from being a Linux veteran.

There are a *lot* of things to know about in Linux, though, and there's no 
standard learner's curriculum. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a lot of 
experienced Linux users that don't know at least one or two "basic" things. 
Hell I bet my knowledge is probably a mix of "some of the basics" and "some 
of the advanced".

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