GitHub pull requests made easy

Vladimir Panteleev vladimir at
Wed Feb 22 08:51:13 PST 2012

The overhead of creating pull requests was getting to me, so I've 
written a little script to make it easier:

This script does three things:

1) Pushes the current branch to your GitHub fork
2) Sets the default remote for the branch, so that you can just 
type "git push" to update your pull request
3) Opens a web browser on the "Create pull request" form, so that 
you don't have to go to GitHub, navigate to your fork, select the 
new branch, and click the "Pull Request" button.

It will use your GitHub username (if you've set github.user) to 
find the remote name of your fork. Otherwise, just specify the 
name of the remote corresponding to your fork as the first 

If you create a git alias, you can type "git pullrequest" to run 
it. To do that, add the line "pullrequest = 
!/path/to/ $*" to the [alias] section of your 

The script is not specific to D; it will work for any GitHub fork.

Happy contributing!

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