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>> > On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 08:53:06AM +0100, Paulo Pinto wrote:
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>> >> This has been changing in the last years since Microsoft introduced
>> >> Powershell and due to market pressure created headless versions of
>> >> Windows.
>> >
>> > Wow. Headless Windows? Can it even be called Windows anymore? :)
>> >
>> Microsoft Drywall :)
> [...]
> On a more serious note, this is perhaps a proof that it's not a good
> idea to conflate the OS with the GUI. :) But then I'm just being
> pedantic.

I've thought about that, and always been conflicted on it. User-choice and 
configurability is great, but OTOH there's something to be said about being 
able to assume one GUI system and not worry about a program or a set of 
instructions working on KDE *and* GNOME *and* xfce *and* lxde *and* blackbox 
*and* afterstep (is that still in use?) *and* etc... It'd be great if we 
could just have one GUI that's flexible/customizable/efficient enough for 
everyone. But then, problem is half the GUIs out there are *all* trying to 
be that "one and only" GUI. Oh well.

> If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a 
> closed room with a mosquito. -- Jan van Steenbergen

Heh, you've got some good quotes. I also really liked that one about "Why 
didn't he append 'I think' to 'wiser people are so full of doubts'?"

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