[RFC]Proposal for better garbage collection

Martin Nowak dawg at dawgfoto.de
Wed Feb 22 20:07:13 PST 2012

> 4) Thread local / global memory
> A callback into the runtime needs to happen in the following cases:
> - a __gshared variable is assigned
> - a reference / pointer is casted to immutable
> - a reference / pointer is casted to shared
> void _d_castToGlobalMem(void* ptr);
> This can be used by the GC to keep thread local pools of memory and move  
> a memory block to a global memory pool as soon as it is needed there.
If we'd want per-thread mark/sweeping then shared memory must never own
unshared memory. I think this could be done using a separate allocator for
shared/immutable data. For casts this would require a transitive move of  
data or it'd need to be prohibited.

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