Inheritance of purity

F i L witte2008 at
Thu Feb 23 16:01:51 PST 2012

UTC, so wrote:
> No one said you shouldn't use IDE or any other tool, but i 
> don't think it is healthy to design a language with such 
> assumptions. Walter himself was against this and stated why he 
> doesn't like Java way of doing things, one of the reason was 
> the language was relying on IDEs.

Well then I disagree with Walter on this as well. What's wrong 
with having a "standard" toolset in the same way you have 
standard libraries? It's unrealistic to think people (at large) 
will be writing any sort of serious application outside of a 
modern IDE. I'm not saying it's Walters job to write IDE 
integration, only that the language design shouldn't cater to the 
smaller use-case scenario.

Cleaner code is easier to read and, within an IDE with tooltips, 
makes little difference when looking at the hierarchy. If you 
want to be hard-core about it, no one is stopping you from 
explicitly qualifying each definition.

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