Inheritance of purity

Robert Clipsham robert at
Fri Feb 24 07:45:13 PST 2012

On 24/02/2012 10:43, Walter Bright wrote:
> Do you really want a language that the source code isn't readable or
> browsable outside of an IDE?
> Like the switch from command line to GUI, perhaps there are some that
> are ready to switch from text files to some visually graphy thingy for
> source code. But D ain't such a language. I don't know what such a
> language would look like. I've never thought much about it before,
> though I heard there was a toy language for kids that you "programmed"
> by moving boxes around on the screen.

You're probably thinking of Scratch, though there are such languages not 
aimed at kids, see Android App Inventor -

Having used both of these (and a couple of others if I recall) I'd 
happily take a text only language any day!

But then... I prefer a command line + text editor over GUI/IDE too ;)


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