Compile Time D Expression Parser?

Hisayuki Mima youxkei at
Sun Feb 26 05:27:48 PST 2012

(2012/02/26 20:56), d coder wrote:
>     Hisayuki Mima's ctpg is compile-time parser generater, and the
>     generated parser works in compile time!
>     Kenji Hara
> Thanks Kenji
> This is very interesting. Also I think ctpg is being actively developed.
> I will try to figure out how to make use of it.
> Regards
> - Puneet

Hello, Puneet

I'm writing ctpg and really sorry about too little documentation of it.
I'm going to at least some sample codes which sketchily shows how to use 
ctpg within a few days.

By the way, ctpg is only parser (and converter) generator.
If you want to parse some expressions, you have to write DSL ,which is 
like PEG or BNF, in order to generate parsers.

If that helps, generated parser works in both compile time and run time.

Hisayuki Mima

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