Curl on Windows

Brad Roberts braddr at
Sun Feb 26 18:15:36 PST 2012

On 2/26/2012 5:15 PM, Brad Anderson wrote:
> The newly accepted curl library sadly didn't get included in the 2.058 release as it wasn't added to the Windows makefile.
> I created a pull request to resolve this [1] but it had to be reverted because it broke the auto tester.
> The tester broke because of the missing curl.lib library.  I've suggested curl.lib be included with phobos but Brad says
> it can't due to licensing problems.  I couldn't find a discussion on the newsgroup about what problems there are.

Careful, that's not quite what I said:

libcurl should not be included *in* phobos as that would have licensing implications. It should probably be included in
the release tarballs as both source and compiled libraries (also probably only on windows, non-windows can suggest how
to install via the standard package managers). A reasonable alternative is keeping it completely separate and just
listing it on the download page on the website.

The problem is the attribution clause(s) of most licenses, including MIT.  While you might not consider it a problem to
give attribution, the core libraries of D must not require it.  Google for past discussions on the topic, it's well
trodden territory at this point.

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