Compile Time D Expression Parser?

Hisayuki Mima youxkei at
Mon Feb 27 21:19:32 PST 2012

(2012/02/28 2:22), Dmitry Olshansky wrote:
> OK, does it check for Left recursive grammars?

No, it doesn't.
So currently left recursive grammar causes infinite loop.
I know the way to deal with the left recursive grammar well which is 
using memoization, but memoization causes very bad performance.

> Well I'm missing something about that BNF-grammar(right?) but undoubtedly:
> recursive -> A $ -> a A a $ -> a a A a a $ - > a a a a a $
> As for task of parsing only 2^n-1 sequences of "a" by CFG that's news
> for me.

If it is BNF, the expansion you said (recursive -> A $ -> a A a $ -> a a 
A a a $ - > a a a a a $) is right.
But the DSL which ctpg uses to generate parser is based on PEG.
Unlike BNF's choice operator "|", PEG's choice operator "/" is ordered.
For details, see: .

Hisayuki Mima

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