John Carmack applauds D's pure attribute

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Tue Feb 28 14:29:15 PST 2012

As a (not as experienced as other) game developer, I'd like to share my
point of view (again).

1. smart pointer vs GC war isn't the point, it's a knowledge &
implementation war and isn't related to languages that allow both (as C++ &
2. C++ base code is just there and ready to be used. Only
begining-from-scratch projects can afford to use D
3. D isn't available directly to console hardware. If it is in some ways,
it isn't from the point of view of the vendor.
4. Learning a language have a cost. Any game development company will
totally dodge this kind of cost as much as it can, even if it's more
expensive to stay in the current language. (also D benefit over C++ isn't
really clear at this very moment)
5. STL isn't a problem anymore, most of the time, see:
    My experience with STL in console (NDS) games: it's fine if you know
what you're doing (as someone else already mentionned)

I would totally use D for new (home or indie) game project but any company
with history or that wants to be considered serious from console vendor
perspective would use languages proposed by console vendors.

So, to help:

1. make cross-platform game development easier at least for accessible
platforms like PC & mobile (that one is "easy" I think)
2. convince game platform vendors to say "you can use D" - at least
3. find a way to "show" what we call a "killer app". That's the only way to
convince game company developers of considering another technology.

Joël Lamotte - Klaim
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